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Licensed Condo Specialist

With new development projects, we emphasize the importance of working with a specialized group of realtors versus an unlicensed sales staff. Our bright, young team of salespeople has a deep understanding of the Ottawa condo market. Additionally, as realtors we have a legal fiduciary duty to protect and advance the best interests of the developer.


MLS Exposure

One key factor that defines the developer/agent relationship is the ability to attain MLS exposure and generate interest through this platform. MLS is the go-to source for most realtors and buyers, and it is important to establish a presence to attract a larger group of potential customers.


Agent Network

At Blue Panda Realty, we have an extensive reach within the Ottawa real estate market and maintain strong working relationships with many successful agents and brokerages. In addition to MLS exposure, our network of agent contacts ensures that the project will gain maximum exposure.


Consultation + Advisory

We are committed to providing ongoing sales consultation and advisory support throughout the project’s development. Notably, we are able to provide input on possible new approaches to sales activities, promotions, and outreach. This service operates beyond the sales office and centers on direct feedback from the founding members of Blue Panda Realty. 


Developer’s Report

Each month we produce a comprehensive statistical report outlining key up-to-date information on Ottawa’s condo market. We compile this information through alternative channels on an ongoing basis to provide you with clear and in-depth comparison research tool pertaining to your development. We offer the choice of either a basic and condensed or fully in-depth version of this report. 


Weekly Listing Report

In addition to the developer’s report, we produce a weekly listing report that outlines and describes all activities that took place in the sales office and through booked appointments. The report provides specific information for every available unit, such as individual feedback from each showing. 


Social Media + Content Generation

We create content on our active social media channels, of which will be deemed consistent with the branding established by the developer. We also produce blog posts on our website and provide exposure to the development project in our newsletters.


Special Events

We regularly use our unique office space, located in the heart of Westboro, to host special events for the surrounding business community. We are always open and interested in programming events focused on the project to generate buzz in the city.


Technology Back-End

Comprehensive data forms and reports, coming in 2017.


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